Wait with Pong
A good web site should load quickly. The web site 21-19.com doesn't take long to load, but they've used  the wait time problem very imaginatively to showcase their creative and technical skills. The wait screen is a pong game. Try it. You probably won't notice the site is already loaded because you'll still be playing  Pong. When you click to enter the site, the pong paddle on the right becomes the vertical scroll bar. It's an elegant and simple demonstration of what they can do for their potential clients. Design to remove barriers to entry.
All Things Interactive
Marney is the founder of Animatrix, an interactive consulting firm that has shipped over 300 projects in the last 25 years for companies that include Apple, BearingPoint, KPMG, Clinique, The Limited, AT&T, NewsCorp, The Walt Disney Company, The National Academy of Science and many others.
Marney.com is about interactive design- the creation of any experience that starts with the user. It can be a site, an ad,  a toy, a place, an object.... anything that's designed for engagement.
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