Oslo Airport
Travellers in Oslo's Gardemoen airport walk across poems on the terminal floor. Kai Gjelseth has chosen 26 pieces-Norwegian sayings, fragments of old Norse poetry and lines from modern Norwegian poets- and translated them into 16 different languages including Chinese, Swahili and Russian.

The essence of poetry is universal, providing a comforting signpost as the traveller moves through time. There is something both disorienting and liberating about being in an airport, far from the familiar .Trust the friendly and thoughtful Norwegians to share their country's art with visitors in a way that reaches out to them.
Design for shared understanding.
Nobody comes further than he should.  Norwegian saying translated into Swahili.
It may take both winter and spring, and next summer too and the whole year, but you will come, I know that-and I will wait, because I promised you.
Prose by Henrik Ibsen translated into Chinese.

To see more visit the Oslo Air website.
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