Fix It in Post
This is a Christmas card from a few years back, sent by Chris Murray. He's a Senior Editor at Trapeze, a group in Sacramento, California that does video post-production service. They take the film from a film shoot and edit it into movies or commercials. The message is nicely stated don't you think?  Design for the next guy.
All Things Interactive
Marney is the founder of Animatrix, an interactive consulting firm that has shipped over 300 projects in the last 25 years for companies that include Apple, BearingPoint, KPMG, Clinique, The Limited, AT&T, NewsCorp, The Walt Disney Company, The National Academy of Science and many others.
                 is about interactive design- the creation of any experience that starts with the user. It can be a site, an ad,  a toy, a place, an object.... anything that's designed for engagement.
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