Gap Scraps Their New Logo
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via John House
For the first time, the design community influenced a major corporate branding decision. On October 12, 2010, Gap scrapped its new logo- less than a week after its debut. Scathing disapproval flooded design sites and Gap's Facebook page, causing the reverse decision according to Marka Hansen, Gap President.  GAP's ill-conceived request for alternative logos from the design community caused a second uproar,  generating a fierce "no spec work" backlash.The authentic commentary from rank and file designers, rather than industry notables, was compelling. Not only was the logo poor from a brand standpoint (many designers compared the blue gradient to a Powerpoint effect from the 80s), but it was bad interactively.  Many logo uses, such as a FAX, a small logo or a woven logo are problematic when a logo has a gradient.  Design for intended use.
Laird and Partners is the agency that took serious heat for the new logo. It's unfortunate, because they've done beautiful ad work for GAP(See below). But beyond visual and communication skills, logo design requires thinking about use and user. Don't discount the power of interactive design.
Gap logo for over 20 years.
Gap logo for less than 1 week.
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