Word Lens
Word Lens is a product that portends the future. Using your phone like a camera, point it at text written in Spanish and the text turns to English. Point at text in English, and it turns to Spanish. It's simple and intuitive-an interface that JUST WORKS. Visit an Apple store and ask if one of the salespeople has it on their phone. Someone  probably will. It's that cool.  Oh, don't bother with the demo on their site. It's doesn't show language translation is not very useful.

Word Lens was introduced Dec 16, 2010. As of February 2011, modules are only available for Spanish to English and English to Spanish- and it's only available on the iPhone. But it will become ubiquitous. It's too wonderful not to.
Design for the User.
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Marney is the founder of Animatrix, an interactive consulting firm that has shipped over 300 projects in the last 25 years for companies that include Apple, BearingPoint, KPMG, Clinique, The Limited, AT&T, NewsCorp, The Walt Disney Company, The National Academy of Science and many others.
Marney.com is about interactive design- the creation of any experience that starts with the user. It can be a site, an ad,  a toy, a place, an object.... anything that's designed for engagement.
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