is about interactive design -  any problem in which the designer starts with the user.
to engage them  in the simplest, clearest way possible.

Interactive design can be for a website, a product, an ad, a public space, a tv show, a song, anything that engages someone.

Interactive design borrows from everywhere. Graphic design, product design, advertising, psychology, anthropology, typography, iconography, garden design, culinary arts, fashion, street art.

These posts are little bits of observed excellence from all areas. They may not be interactive designs in themselves, but each provides an insight into the art of interactive design.
Who is Marney?
All Things Interactive
Marney is Marney Morris. She founded the first interactive design firm, Animatrix, in 1984 and has shipped over 300 successful interactive projects since then. Her specialty is making complicated things simple.

Marney has been a speaker at TED and other select conferences, and has taught a popular interactive design course at Stanford University.
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